She almost made me wish I had a husband to frustrate.

I ran to the store the other day for just a few things. Juice, eggs, celery, cat food. And potato chips, of course.

I got into the checkout line behind a woman with a full cart and as she started to unload her groceries, she noticed I didn’t have very many items so she gestured for me to go ahead of her.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “I’ve got several things.”

She nodded so I went ahead of her.

As I took purchases out of my cart, she leaned toward me, eyes twinkling. “Actually, you’re helping me frustrate my husband.”

“I am?”

“He drove me to the store but then refused to come in. He’s sitting in the car. I’m keeping him waiting as long as I can.”

She said it with so much glee that she almost made marriage seem fun.


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