Blog Post #500!

This is my 500th blog post. 500 feels like quite the milestone, although I suppose it’s one that many bloggers have attained and surpassed.

I spent a little today thinking about the topic for my 500th post. Something funny or deep? Fiction or commentary?

The only thing I knew for certain is that it should be 1000 words long.

Because I’m not feeling particularly funny or deep or fictional tonight, I’m going back and comment on or continue my 50th post, 100th post, etc.

It might be a little embarrassing to re-read them, but it’s all about the growth, right?

50. One Thousand Words of A Ticket to the Moon 7/3/11

This is going to be harder than I thought. Re-reading this stupid story all I want to do is edit it. Cut dumb dialogue, lose the sappy tone, make the characters more real.

The worst line? They wanted a ticket to the moon, so let’s blow them away.” Who talks like that?

Although I have to admit that I like the last sentence. It’s a little hokey, but a nice image; two girls dancing alone on the floor of their prom under a paper moon while their classmates watch.

100. One Thousand Words on Just a Shopping Plaza 09/02/2011

I actually like this post. It was written right after a Tropical Storm caused major flooding and damage in the region.

I felt very frivolous mourning a shopping plaza when people had lost their home and livelihoods, but this post made me realize that the plaza had been an important place in my childhood and teenage years and it wasn’t silly to mourn it at all.

The plaza wasn’t torn down. It took over a year, but all the stores are re-opened, providing jobs for a new generation of teenagers.

150. One Thousand Words on Chinese Take Out 10/22/2011

I still miss the old Men at Wok. I haven’t gone back to see if the new management has improved and I still haven’t found a Chinese takeout place I like as much.

The upside is that I’m eating less fast food Chinese, which can’t be good for you with all that salt and MSG, but once in a while I get an egg roll craving and just don’t know where to go. Do you know how hard it is when you can get a fix for your egg roll jones?

200. One Thousand Words on Book Characters that are Old Friends 12/11/2011

I was just trying to think of other books I’ve read where the characters feel like old friends. I suppose it would have to be a series, because I don’t make friends quickly and not sure I could form attachments in just one novel.

I looked at my Good Reads list to refresh my memory and the only book with characters like that I’ve read recently is The Paris Wife, but that’s only because it’s about Hemingway I felt like I know him because I’ve read his books.

250. One Thousand Words on Single Parenting and Success 01/31/2012

This is one of my favorite posts and I still feel passionately that a child shouldn’t be saddled with limitations just because they have a single parent.

Author Victor LaValle tweeted this the other day: “The worst thing about single mothers is the bullshit some idiots spew about them.”

I wanted to shout amen, but since it was on the internet I did the next best thing and re-tweeted it.

Why people are so quick to judge another’s life style as wrong when it is just different from their own?

300. One Thousand Words on the Weekday Crazies 03/20/2012

There’s not much to say about this post, other than there are a lot of typos. I haven’t been out much during the week in the past few months, but I’m guessing the streets are still full of crazies.

I did take a vacation at the end of August and went out to the beach and stores that week. I don’t remember any specific crazies, though.

I also have to be careful. My mom is retired and runs errands during the weekdays. I don’t want her thinking I’m calling her crazy.

350. One Thousand Words on the Faithful Mr. Sendak 05/09/2012

Children’s book authors are pretty damn cool, aren’t they? Maurice Sendak, Mo Willems, Eric Carle.

We presented a black light theater version of a bunch of Eric Carle stories today and the kids in the audience were just enchanted. Sure, part of it was the black light puppetry, which is stunning.

But it’s also the stories. They knew them word for word and recited them along with the actors.

Yep, anyone who can write stories that speak to kids and get them reading has got to be pretty damn cool.

400. Just a t-shirt, a milkshake and some daisies. 06/29/2012

Here’s the latest random act of kindness I’ve experienced: a friend sent me flowers after my kitty died.

I was so touched that she thought of me and went out of her way to send me a bouquet. It made me cry, not only out of sadness for Sampras, but at her sweet, kind gesture.

Sometimes I forget that I have good friends, especially when I don’t talk to them every day or seem them very often. But I’m lucky. There are nice people out there who care about me.

450. I’d rather be vampire-free than funny. 08/23/2012

Well, this is a lame post to end on. I was clearly struggling for a topic on August 23.

I was telling the truth. I never call out “come in.” Just in case.

I also hold my breath when I’m driving under an underpass. That’s a superstition too, isn’t it? Although I might have made that one up. Or confused it with the holding your breath when you go over a bridge superstition.

Does having to superstitions make you a superstitious person? If so, then I guess I am superstitious, after all.


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