But I want one!

I love to eat, but I am not a foodie.

No self-respecting foodie would proclaim pretzels or bagels the perfect food. Or say they could live on potato chips.

And I’d guess that Frank’s Hot Sauce isn’t a staple ingredient in most five star kitchens.

Not being a foodie doesn’t stop me from watching the Food Network.  I like Paula Dean; Rachel Ray and, my favorite, Sandwich King.

I don’t watch for the recipes, however. I just love all the kitchen gadgets.

Even though my signature dish is sliced chicken on a hoagie roll with a side of kettle chips, I want all the toys those TV chefs play with.

It’s not like I think the right tools would make me a better cook. I don’t want to actually cook with them. I just want to have them. To know they are in my kitchen just in case I decide I want to whip up a chocolate soufflé or a beef bourguignon.

Here’s my kitchen gadget wish list:

A Citrus Squeezer.

Jeff on Sandwich King uses his citrus squeezer almost every episode and it looks like so much fun.

You just pop in half a lemon or lime, flip your wrist and squeeze. Boom! Citrus juice. How often do I need fresh lemon or lime juice? Only when I’m making a Gin Ricky, but it still looks fun.

Mortar and Pestle

What do you do with a mortar and pestle? Crush herbs, I guess. Or aspirin.

I really want one of these only because it makes me think of the apothecary in Romeo and Juliet.

Immersion Blender

This is one of those little hand held blenders that you stick in a bowl or cup to mix things up. I do have a blender and a hand held beaters, so an immersion blender is completely unnecessary. But like a citrus squeezer, it just looks so entertaining.

I imagine myself pureeing soups and mixing up homemade salad dressings. Oh, and milkshakes. I love milkshakes.

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Ok, so this the most expensive gadget on the list. Those standing mixers are just so pretty. One would look great on my kitchen counter.

And they practically bake for you. On the cooking shows they just jump in the ingredients and out pops bread dough or cake batter or frosting. It’s practically like having your own personal chef.

A Rocking Pizza Cutter

Pizza is the one thing that I actually do cook. I try to make one every Friday night. My specialty is three onion pizza, with caramelized sweet onions, red onion and leeks.

I don’t mind pizza making, even spreading the dough on the pan. But I hate pizza cutting. My rolling cutter is a freebie I got somewhere and it’s dull. Most the time I end up cutting slices with the kitchen scissors.

So I really could use one of those big, rolling pizza cutters like they use at pizza houses in order to save my shears.

Plus it would be good arm exercise.

I probably will never waste the money on any of these things. In my brain, I know they would just sit, unused and taking up space.

But I can have kitchen dreams, can’t I?


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