Everything makes noise.

It is impossible to be quiet in my house. It’s open concept, which attracted me to the condo in the first place, but that means that every little noise is heard throughout the place.

Most of the time, it doesn’t really matter. We don’t have children napping or any other particular reasons for silence.

But when someone is sick, the lack of noise control is a real pain in the ass.

This morning was the perfect example.

A few days ago, my mother came down with the cold I had earlier in the week. Her colds are always worse than mine, with severe congestion that keeps her convinced either her head is going to explode or she will lose the ability to breathe altogether.

She’s always sick longer too. I came down with my cold on Monday and on Friday all I had left of it was a bit of a cough. Colds usually knock my mother out for at least a week, if not two.

When I got up this morning, I peeked in her bedroom and saw that she was fast asleep. Since she needs to sleep, I crept back upstairs and quietly finished reading my book.

By 8 o’clock I was getting restless and wanted to move.

I went back downstairs, hoping she was awake, but she wasn’t.

And everything I thought about doing made noise. I couldn’t make a cup of coffee, go outside and get the newspaper, start a load of laundry.

I tried closing her bedroom door, but it squeaked so loudly I stop for fear of waking her up.

I returned to my loft and stood in the middle of the room, looking around aimlessly.

I could write, but I have a hard time writing first thing the morning.

My bathroom is located right over her bedroom, so if I started cleaning it the noise would wake her up.

My bed was made and there were no piles of clothes to take care of or messes to pick up.

So I sat and pretended to write. I was really just waiting.

When she finally awoke, I ran down the stairs like a kid on Christmas morning.

Within three minutes, I had a cup of coffee brewing, the newspaper on the table, WD-40 on her bedroom door hinges and a load of laundry going in the washing machine.

I never thought I was a much of a morning person, but I guess I don’t like forced morning inactivity either.

Tonight I asked her to shut her door when she went to bed.


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