They won’t cure your cold, but they will make it taste better.

I had a perfectly lovely weekend and then woke up today with a cold.

Actually, I had an inkling of an impending cold last night and pumped about 1000% of the recommended daily allowance of zinc into my system, but still awoke to a stuffy nose and scratchy throat.

It’s not a bad cold, but any cold is bad enough. They slow you down, make you feel yucky. Everything is just a little more difficult when you have a cold.

I come from a long line of Yankees and we eat our way through any illness, especially colds. When I have a cold I especially crave spicy, salty foods.

I don’t know if that’s because I can taste the spice and salt when everything else tastes bland because of the cold, or if I just like the idea of the spice burning the cold out of my body, fighting the cold germs with Franks hot sauce and wasabi.

This craving for spicy foods is why, when I stopped at the store on the way to work for orange juice and Dayquil, I found myself in the snack food aisle looking for something to help me get through the day.

I have long held that pretzels are one of the world’s perfect foods, so I had a bag of pretzel rods in my hand when I saw them. Snyder’s Hot Buffalo Wing Pieces.


My friends, I may have discovered the perfect snack food for colds.

They are basically broken up pretzel rods covered in some sort of red powder that tastes exactly like buffalo wing sauce.

Are they good for you? Absolutely not.

Are they made with healthy, all natural ingredients? Nope.

Do they explode on your taste buds even when your nose is stuffed up, your sinuses feel like they are going to explode and everything else tastes like paste? Definitely.

I won’t vouch for the taste of these pretzel pieces when I’m not all dosed up on cold medicine, and I probably won’t even try them when I’m not sick.

But I certainly will add them to my cold shopping list, right next to the tissues with cream in them and vitamin C drops.


One thought on “They won’t cure your cold, but they will make it taste better.

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