An open cover letter to authors everywhere.

Dear Esteemed Author,

I write to you today to apply for the position of Trusted Reader.

While most authors prefer to choose a friend to fill this role, I believe that if you take a moment to read my cover letter and the enclosed resume, you will realize that I have all the qualifications to be the best Trusted Reader for you.

The most important trait in a Trusted Reader is, of course, trust and I am the most trustworthy person I know.

As a teenager, I worked many retail jobs and at every store (except one) I was promoted to the coveted position of Third Key within eighteen months. In this role, I was allowed to open and close the store alone and count all the money in the register, even the large bills.

You have to be extremely trustworthy to be a Third Key.

Not only would the managers of Fayva Shoe Store, Record Town and Matthew’s Hallmark tell you that I am trustworthy, all my friends would say the same.

Everyone in our circle thinks of me as their confidant and I never share their secrets.

For example, I never told my friend Michelle that her husband kissed our other friend Terry when we were at the karaoke bar last May.

And I certainly never shared with anyone that Renee’s “gallbladder surgery” was really a tummy tuck.

My friends trust me and so can you.

Of course, a Trusted Reader must not only be trustworthy, but must also be a reader.

I love to read and have been doing so since I started the first grade.

Last year alone I read six books.

My favorite authors include the Spanish writer Adoración Amor, France’s Aimee Amour and the prize-winning Italian novelist Adriana Amore. If you are unfamiliar with their work, I urge you to learn more about them at

A Trusted Reader is arguably the more important person to your success as a writer. Why put your career in the hands of someone just because you’ve known them since kindergarten?

Hire me and you’ll see just how trustworthy a reader can be.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon to arrange a personal interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Heather J. Clow


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