I’m not a homeowner, I’m a homeworrier.

Sometimes I’m convinced that I am not cut out to be a homeowner. It’s been four years since I bought my townhouse, but I’m still a nervous wreck that something is going to go, or is currently going, wrong.

This evening, for instance, I looked at the thermostat. It read 71 degrees.

That seemed a bit warm since we haven’t turned the furnace on for the season yet, but it wasn’t that cold outside to maybe it really was 71 degrees.

When I got ready to go to bed, the thermostat still said 71.

It didn’t feel noticeably colder than it had a few hours before, but it stands to reason that it would get colder as it got later. Now I’m convinced there is something wrong with the thermostat.

Of course, it could just be the battery. And even if it was something else, I installed a new thermostat all by myself right after we moved in. I could easily install another one and it wouldn’t cost me more than the price of the new thermostat.

But still I worry.

Even the dishwasher puts me on edge. Is it running louder than usual? Longer than usual? What was that thumping noise? What if I walked into the kitchen and there was water all over the floor?

It doesn’t matter that it’s a new dishwasher and I have never found water on the floor, even when the dishwasher was old. It could happen, so I must worry about it.

And there are so many bigger things to fret about when you own a home. The dishwasher and thermostat are insignificant when the furnace could explode, the water heater could leak causing the floor under it to give way, the pipes could burst, the wiring could cause a fire, the patio door could shatter, toilets could overflow… so many potential problems it’s overwhelming.

I wonder if home ownership is worth it.

But then I remember our redneck landlord, the one who refused to connect the washing machine to hot water and who installed carpet in our kitchen because it was cheaper than linoleum.

I guess owning a home is better.

Of course, that’s easier to say now that the thermostat has gone down to 70.

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