It’s going to be a bland winter.

Last year I was thrilled when I finally discovered the key to a successful wardrobe: buying basics in black, white and gray and supplementing it with just one color.

Last year was raspberry.

Every single thing I bought for my winter attire was black, white, gray, raspberry or some combination of those colors.

Did I get a little sick of raspberry by April? Sure. But it was worth it to not have to worry about matching or putting together coordinated outfits. Everything coordinated!

It’s really quite brilliant.

So this year I decided to follow the same formula, with a different color.

(I buy new clothes every fall. I don’t buy expensive clothing so by the time spring rolls around a lot of my sweaters are stretched out or pilly and ready to be thrown away.

Would it be smarter to buy nicer things that last longer and own them for more than year? Maybe. But I’ve priced it out and I don’t actually spend more money buying cheaper clothes and I don’t feel guilty when I tire of them.)

I started with black and gray pants, then picked up a white shirt or two.

Once the basics were out of the way, I wandered the “full-figured” department of Kohl’s looking at the colors.

There was nothing that I wanted to wear all winter.

I found a couple of sweaters in purple, but that didn’t seem different enough from last year’s raspberry.

There seemed to be a fair amount of emerald green, but I’ve never been a much of a fan of that color.

Around and around I walked, looking at oranges and reds and teals, finding one or two pieces I liked but not enough to make it through a full week much less a full season.

Then I discovered a black and white print sweater that I really liked. And a shirt in gray and black. And a cool gray sweater.

Before I knew it I had an entire wardrobe consisting entirely of black, white and gray. Not a color to be found anywhere.

Since I’m happy with the pieces I bought, I’m not going to worry about the lack of color. I can always throw on a scarf. Or I could if I were a scarf-wearing type of person.

Plus it’s foliage season, so there’s lots of color outside.

I’ll let you know if I get sick of a colorless life once everything is dull and snowy. For now I’m just going to enjoy my new wardrobe and let February bring what it will.


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