Insert An Interesting Title Here.

I’ve been blogging a while now, sixteen months or so, and I still enjoy it. Especially since I’m not forcing myself to write one thousand words every day.

Sure, sometimes I struggle to find something worth saying or stay awake for a half hour in order to write, but for the most part it’s been a lot of fun.

But the one thing I hate about blogging is coming up with a title, something that captures what the post is really about and is clever enough to make people want to read it.

I usually write the post fairly quickly in Word, paste it into WordPress, waste a little time adding links, images and spellchecking, and then stare at the screen hoping a good title will just pop into my brain.

That doesn’t usually work.

I then re-read the post searching for a sentence or phrase I can use verbatim as the title.

That doesn’t usually work either.

So I glare at the blinking cursor thinking, “I need a title. I need a title.” over and over. Sometimes I tap my temple with a finger, hoping it will jog loose a really good title from inside my brain.

I make a few changes to the post, add a comma here, delete an introductory phrase there.

Twitter starts calling to me so, still untitled, I head on over to see what all the comedians and authors are saying in 140 characters or less.

By the time I get back, I have to read the post again to remember what it was about. And that leads to a few more changes, but no brilliant title.

Eventually, I give up and stick a stupid title on the thing. A title that is boring, generates zero interest in reading the post and often doesn’t even make sense.

But my relief at getting through the titling process for another night is so great that I don’t even care.

Maybe I should hire someone to write my titles. Or just make all the posts “Untitled” with a number, like a visual artist.

Or maybe I should just suck it up and figure out the trick to writing good titles.


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