Unearned Feelings of Accomplishment.

Here’s what I accomplished today:

I replaced a power strip that sits on the floor under the head of my bed and powers our wireless internet, my bedside lamps and the charges for my iPhone and Nook.

The old one still works, but I wanted one with that plug that hugs the wall instead of sticking out straight.


I also bundled the wires into neat groups and ran the chargers into drawers. Now I can charge my Nook in the second drawer of my nightstand, my phone in the top drawer and all the cords are hidden.

They say it’s the little things that make you happy, but what is it about this silly task that makes me feel so satisfied? Especially when it was just about my only achievement for the day.

Is it that the ugly bits are out now out of sight, the black cables, devices and plugs no longer visible?

Or is it that I know, even though I can’t see them, they are neat now. Untangled, unkinked and straight, secured tidily with color-coordinated cable ties.

Or is that threading the cables into drawers makes me feel clever? Like I’m the only person to have thought of this trick. The only person in the world with an empty nightstand top and devices charging away below.

Whatever the reason, it’s a nice feeling.

Some days I work for ten straight hours and the only thing I feel like I’ve gotten done is answer emails, so I’ll take all the feelings of accomplishment I can get. Even if it’s just for tying off a few cables.


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