Back to School Isn’t the Same Without a New Pair of Wranglers

I drove past a school playground today. It must have been recess because the swings and monkey bars were full of little kids, playing and yelling.

Every single child was wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

Granted it is a hot August day and shorts are certainly appropriate, but the sight made me long for the days of new school clothes, of stiff jeans and long sleeve shirts in autumn colors.

Back to school clothes were one of the best parts of returning to the classroom when I was a kid. Well, the clothes and school supplies like Trapper Keepers and backpacks.

But between the school year starting sooner and global warming, kids now return wearing their summer clothes.

The new clothes were more than just fashion. They were a mental cue to switch gears, to get down to business after the summer fun.

I wonder if kids in shorts have a more difficult time settling down, recognizing that it’s time for work not play, than we did in our corduroy and flannel.


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