Pastry Cake Towels and Fish Pillows

Today I took a trip to Ocean State Job Lots.

I have to admit, I’m strangely fascinated by the store. It’s like a slightly more organized yard sale or a flea market but with new things.

I always find a mix of complete junk, good bargains and things I can’t imagine anyone would ever consider buying, even for cheap.

For instance, I got a nice shower curtain there for $10 which was great because I was really struggling with spending $40 on a shower curtain. That’s too much money for a piece of cloth.

The shower curtains were located right next big pile of fluorescent orange, thread bare washcloths for $2 each.

In stationary there is always a big box of black and white postcard for $.10 each. They have pictures of offbeat celebrities on them, like May West, WC Fields and Truman Capote.

I love these cards and use them instead of greeting cards all the time. I look up a cool quote by the person on the front, something that fits the occasion, and write it on the back. I think it’s kind of artsy and funky.

Just one aisle over is a whole shelf of creepy Jesus coloring books, the pages full of pictures of a scary looking Christ surrounded by seemingly terrified children.

Make you wonder what parable he’s teaching them.

Today didn’t reveal any great deals, but there were two items that fell into the “who the hell would buy this” category.

pastry cake towels

These are guest towels wrapped up to look like desserts, complete with cherries.

Who thought that was a good idea? Why would someone want towels that look like cakes?

The only thing I can think of is that they are designed to go in a bathroom at a bakery.

And there were the “make your own fish pillows.”

make your own fish

fish pillow sign

Even at the sale price of $2, why would anyone buy one these hideous looking fish skins then spend the time stuffing it and sewing it up?

And what would you do with it when it was complete? Mount it and hang it on the wall? Give it to your favorite fisherman?

Notice the slogan at the bottom of the fish pillow sign. “Home of Adventure Shopping.”

It’s an adventure all right.


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