I’d rather be vampire-free than funny.

I am not a superstitious person.

I love black cats. I’ve broken several mirrors with no noticeable change in my luck. I spill salt and other spices all the time and never throw any over my shoulder.

I have walked under so many ladders while working in the theater that if it were really bad luck, I would be dead.

I’ve even uttered the name of Shakespeare’s Scottish play inside a theater and guess what, the building didn’t fall down.

But there is one superstition in which I do put stock.

When someone makes a knocking sound on a table or wall, there’s always some wise guy who calls out, “come in,” right?

I’m never, ever that wise guy.

There is an old legend that you have to invite vampires into your home in order for them to enter.

I don’t know if this is the case with modern, Twilight-type vampires or not, but the vampires I read about as a kid definitely had to wait for an invitation.

I figure that the one time I’m kidding around and say “come in,” there will be a vampire lurking outside my door and he would then have complete access to me.

The lame joke isn’t worth the risk.

One thought on “I’d rather be vampire-free than funny.

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