You can’t go wrong with books and wine.

Have you ever had a building capture your imagination? A house that you’ve always wanted to buy? An old church that just calls to you?

I have a building like that. And it’s for sale.

My family has been going to York, Maine on vacations and day trips since before I was born. And we always drive past this place in Kittery.

Kittery, Maine

It’s a unique looking building with the little turret and has a strange four-sided sign board in front of it, so it’s always drawn my eye.

I just like the looks of it.

Over the years it has been various stores and restaurants, the last one I remember was a Jamaican restaurant which I always thought was funny thing to put into a building that resembles Maine’s version of a Swiss chalet.

Nothing seems to last long in the location, which I know isn’t a good sign, but when I drove by on my way to the beach earlier this week and saw the real estate sign, I was hit with an overwhelming desire to buy the place.

I know exactly what I would put in there, too. A bookstore and wine bar.

Wouldn’t that be great? I mean, what’s cooler than great wine and great books?

People could get a glass of wine and wander the stacks while they sip. We could have really cool author events, books discussions, wine tastings and live music.

Eventually we could even market our own line of wine with literary names. Herman Melville Merlot and Anne Rice Riesling.

And we’d have an extensive wine book section, of course.

Combining wine and books would help sales too because after having a few glasses of wine people would probably buy more books. Buzz buying, so to speak.

I even have a name picked out: Varietal Volumes. Pretty good, right?

It’s not a realistic dream, I guess. Buying a building where no company seems to flourish and opening a business that combines two industries that often struggle to succeed even in a good economy.

But sometimes you just got to dream.


2 thoughts on “You can’t go wrong with books and wine.

  1. That is an AWESOME idea. I do not live in New England but I would totally take a trip to visit your store 🙂 (and I don’t need wine to get me to buy books!)

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