What’s next? Legwarmers? Shoulder pads?

I’ve never been particularly fashionable or even trendy, so I guess it’s no surprise that I hadn’t noticed the resurgence of eighties influenced clothing.

I’ve always heard that fashion is cyclical. Older generations have been known to talk about the old skirt or shoes they should have kept because suddenly it was stylish again.

I’ve just never experienced the phenomenon myself.

Today, while flipping through the back to school flyers in the Sunday paper, I noticed these boots.

Boots with fringe

I had a pair just like them in high school. Ok, so mine were purple, but they were suede and fringed. I loved them. I felt very hip when I wore my purple fringey boots.

And here they are again.

The boots made me start looking at the photos a little more closely.

Hat and scarf

This picture could have been a much thinner, much prettier me from high school. Although I don’t think I ever made that kissy face.

I had a fedora style hat like that, in purple, and a metallic scarf too. Again, in purple. Purple was a big color in the eighties.

The t-shirt reminds me of the whole Flashdance / Let’s Get Physical look that was popular back then too.

My workout style shirt was pink and grey (not purple!) so I wore my hat with a purple sweater with a yellow collared shirt.

Hey, I said I wasn’t particularly fashionable.

Then there is the jewelry. Even though I’m not stylish, I had noticed all the big plastic earrings in stores lately. Giant, neon hoops, dangley plastic disks. I had most them in my jewelry box in my teenage years.

My favorite pair of earrings were thick black and white zebra striped hoops. I haven’t found them in stores yet, but I bet they are out there.

And these bracelets.


In the eighties were wore those stretchy gummy bracelets by the dozens. This model’s bracelets don’t look like rubber, but the over effect is the same.

And I vaguely remember wrapping a bandanna around my wrist too. A purple one, of course.

So what’s next? The resurrection of feathered roach clips? The reappearance jelly shoes?

There parts of the eighties I wouldn’t mind seeing come back. The music, especially. But the fashion isn’t one of them.

Let’s leave that past in the past, shall we?


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