Am I supposed to throw my cell phone at the zombies?

I read an article a few days ago that reported a partially clothed man was seen running down the interstate and through a gas station parking lot. He told people zombies were chasing him.

The police were called but they couldn’t find him. They did find his clothes along the road. They also discovered that he had broken into a car and stolen a cell phone and MP3 player.

At the time I just laughed about the crazy guy stripping on the highway. I figured he was drunk or had taken some hallucinogenic drug.

But I keep thinking about it.

Two things bother me:

First, what if zombies really were chasing him? It’s easy to giggle and assume the man was nuts, but what if he wasn’t?

What if this is the start of the zombie apocalypse I hear people talking about?

My only experience with zombies is a video game I played in college called “Zombies Ate My Neighbors,” so my knowledge is limited.

I haven’t even read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

But I do know that a zombie apocalypse doesn’t sound like a good thing.

If this is the beginning of it, maybe we should be getting prepared instead of laughing at the first victim.

And that brings me to the second thing that worries me. If this is zombie apocalypse, I have no idea how to defend myself.

Apparently a cell phone and MP3 player are important to have in battle, but why?

And how does being naked, or half-naked, help?

If I’m that clueless about how to fight zombies, I’m sure to be one of the first eaten.


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