“Familiar” and “sewer” should even be used in the same sentence.

Tonight I got home late after a board meeting and was just sitting down to eat dinner when a neighbor knocked on the front door.

“I was just walking past the sewer pumps and there’s an alarm going off,” she said. “I didn’t know what to do, so I’m telling you.”

I’m not exactly sure how what she expected me to do, but what I did was call the management company’s twenty-four hour hotline.

After a few minutes, Al called me back.

He said that he had been on site earlier today to inspect everything and had forgotten to turn something back on, or off, or over. I got a little lost in the details.

He said that he’d come turn the alarm off. And then he paused and added, “Unless you want to go down yourself and become familiar with the process.”

I’m willing to do a lot as association president, but becoming familiar with any part of the sewer pumps is not one of them. If there’s a sewer emergency, I do not want to know how to fix it.

I told him that I was quite happy being clueless about the sewer system. I think he was disappointed that he had to do it, but I figure that’s what we pay the management company for.

I’m a firm believer in hiring people to do things for you, especially anything sewer related.

For years I struggled to do everything myself. Change my car’s oil, patch drywall, fix broken appliances.

It wasn’t until we moved into this townhouse that I realized it’s usually not much more expensive to hire the job done, especially if you count the emotional distress failed attempts at home improvements can cause.

So Al drove over and turned off the alarm while I finished my dinner, blissfully unfamiliar with the community’s sewer pumps.

One thought on ““Familiar” and “sewer” should even be used in the same sentence.

  1. Good for you! I probably would have reluctantly agreed to becoming familiar with the process, and later regret it when I got called for every sewer problem.
    You pay the mgmt company for a reason — let them earn their money.

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