How did that shoe get on the side of the road?

I am always baffled when I see shoes or pieces of clothing on the side of the road. How does that happen?

I have been riding in or driving cars my entire life and I have never once lost a sneaker or shirt out the window. But judging by the number of times I see garments and footwear in the ditches or medians, it’s a fairly common occurrence.

Shoes actually make a bit of sense to me. Someone is riding along with their feet out the window and their sandal falls off. It could happen, right?

I would never ride with my feet out the window, though. That just sounds dangerous. You could hit a sign or another car and tear your foot right off.

Or a bee. That happened to me when I was a kid. I was in the car with my hand out the window, doing that airplane thing and enjoying the air when a bee ran right into me. It stung my hand, too.

I’m not allergic to bees so it wasn’t a big deal, but with all that space, you’d think the bee could have flown around my little girl hand.

I can think of a few other ways people might lose shoes out of cars.

Maybe someone has their shoes off and they’re really stinky so the other people in the car make them hold the shoes outside the window to air out. It’d be pretty easy to drop a shoe when you’re holding them out an open window on the highway.

Or perhaps the people in the car have an argument and the passenger throws a shoe at the driver in anger. The driver is too busy driving to catch the shoe, so it sails right out the open window.

Yeah, there are several circumstances that might lead to a shoe landing on the side of the road.

But how do you lose a pair of pants?

The only reasonable explanation I can think of is that someone had their basket of laundry in the back of a pick-up truck and the pants blew out.

Granted, things in the bottom of a truck bed don’t usually blow out, something about the wind going right over the top of them, I think.

And if laundry did blow out, everything would go not just one pair of pants or one shirt. There would be pajamas and washcloths and socks everywhere.

I suppose someone could put a pair of pants on the top of their car and then forget they were there and drive off.

I’ve seen that happen with a cup of coffee before.

And my mother once did that with her purse years ago. Luckily it was still in the road when we went back.

But why exactly would you put a pair of pants of the roof of your car in the first place?

When I traveled to Baltimore for grad school, I had a rod in the back of my car that I hung my clothes on. That way I had hangers and didn’t have to bother stuffing everything into a suitcase.

I guess if I had the back windows down and it was very windy, something could have been sucked off the hanger and out the window.

You’d think people would be more careful if they had clothes hanging up like that, but maybe not.

I could probably play this game forever and not come up with the answer. So if you’ve ever lost a boot or underwear or a pair of jeans out of a car, please let me know how it happened. Otherwise I may go nuts trying to figure it out.


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