I’ll probably win a dollar.

Yesterday we received a donation envelope in the mail with a single dollar bill in it.

This happens every once in a while and it always bothers me when it does.

One part of me thinks that a donation that small is really a slap in the face.

It’s a sarcastic statement, right? Like when a jury awards a plaintiff a dollar when they asked for a million because the case is legally sound but still stupid.

Why else would someone bother to put a dollar in an envelope, place a $.45 stamp on it and put it in the mail if not to say, “This is all I think your organization is worth?”

And are we expected to acknowledge the dollar donation? It would cost that dollar and then some to send a thank you letter.

But the more trusting and sympathetic part of me thinks that perhaps a dollar is all the person can afford and they care about our performing arts center so much that they want to give what they can.

I have a hard time believing that is the case in this instance because the person lives in one of the most affluent communities in our area. I know that doesn’t mean that she is rich, but chances are good that she can afford more than a dollar. Most people there can.

I almost would rather someone not give at all rather than give just a buck. It makes me doubt the worth of what we do.


I have a new obsession.

You know those surveys they put on store and restaurant receipts now? “Go to http://www.bigboxstore.com to tell us about your shopping experience and be entered to win a $500 gift certificate!”

I read recently that not many people complete those surveys so the chances of winning are fairly high, so I’m going to enter them until I win something.

Today I filled out a survey for TJ Maxx; Bed, Bath and Beyond; and Olive Garden.

They actually took a couple of minutes each and were quite detailed.

Was I offered a sample of wine at Olive Garden? I don’t remember. Did the TJ Maxx clerk ask if I had found everything I was looking for? Beats me.

I just made something up for the questions I couldn’t answer. I don’t suppose it matters anyway. I’m just doing it for the prize.

I’m going to keep at it until I win something, which might be a while because I don’t usually win things.

The last prize I remember winning was at our local library when I was a kid. I made the closest guess on the number of jelly beans in the jar and won a kid’s cookbook.

It was a lame prize, but I was thrilled that I won something, anything.

The beauty of my receipt survey plan is that when I win it will be something I need or want because it will be from a store I already patronize.

Let the winning begin!


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