Stop talking about the cry baby.

I’ve never liked Andy Murray.

He comes across like a spoiled, grumpy, pouty, poor sport on court and he’s not even all that interesting to watch.

In fact, the only player I like less than Andy Murray is Lleyton Hewitt, but that’s because of the incident with James Blake at the 2001 US Open.

I’m not a person who forgives racism quickly.

I always thought the world shared my opinion of Murray. I had heard that he wasn’t even particularly well liked in Great Britain despite currently being their only chance at British tennis success.

But now, after his loss in the Wimbledon finals, it seems everyone is jumping on the Andy Murray bandwagon.

Roger Federer won his seventh Wimbledon championship, tying the record of my GOAT (Greatest of All Time. Tennis fans talk about their GOATs a lot. Do they do that in other sports too?) Pete Sampras but all anyone can talk about Murray, Murray, Murray.

How he showed so much heart on the court. How he played such a good tournament.

It takes more heart and better playing to actually win the title.

And why is the Wimbledon runner up suddenly everyone’s darling? Because he cried when he accepted the loser’s trophy?

He has to do more than shed a few tears over a loss to make me warm up to him.

Like stop those snotty looking fist pumps.

Most tennis players utilize the fist pump to summon their energy, pump themselves (and the fans) up and even to intimidate their opponent.

When Roger Federer does it, it’s almost to himself. It’s a small movement, close to the body, graceful like every other move he makes on the court.

Rafael Nadal’s fist pump is all exuberance, big and over the top, including knee bends and shouts. He’s a bit like a big puppy jumping on someone. It’s not exactly good behavior, but you know it’s just excitement and good spirits.

There’s something about the way Murray pumps his fist makes it look like he’s flipping everyone off. It’s not a quiet energy builder, it’s not a grand gesture of excitement. It’s a “I got that point so fuck you.”

And then there are Murray’s facial expressions. He’s always scowling.

Maybe it’s just his game face, but he doesn’t look like he’s concentrating. He looks like he’s about to punch a little old lady and steal her purse.

Would it have been fitting for a Brit (Scottish or English, scowl or smile) to win Wimbledon in this year of Diamond Jubilees and Olympics? Sure.

Do I think Andy Murray was robbed and feel sorry for him for breaking down on court because he lost? No.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Stop writing about the loser and give Roger the recognition he deserves. He just won his seventh Wimbledon title.

At age 30.

After two and a half years without a grand slam.

And he’s number one again.

Let’s stop celebrating the cry baby and celebrate the real champion.

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