Just an elaborate excuse to buy a bookcase.

This isn’t working for me.

Ever since I reached my goal of writing for one year, I’ve lost all sense of purpose. I’m still blogging, I guess. But it doesn’t feel the same. I don’t feel like I’m really writing.

And I’ve barely worked on my novel in progress.

Evidently I’m more goal oriented that even I realized.

So, even though I created new goals on day 366, I’m going to try again and hope these new, new set of goals will create a greater sense of accountability and accomplishment.

1) Write a blog post six days a week.

These posts will include:

    One 1000 word post, as make up for previous missed days.

    Three posts with at least 500 words because 300 to 400 posts seem to flow pretty easily and I want to continue to stretch my skills.

    One fiction post, with no word count requirement.

    One twenty-five word or less post that actually says something, in order to practice brevity.

This sounds like an awful lot to keep track of, but I’ll create an Excel spreadsheet and it won’t be bad. I like Excel. It’s neat and orderly.

2) Write at least 250 words for my novel every day.

I’m thinking about creating some sort of a book advent calendar, a board with sticky notes on it and I get to take one off every time I complete 5000 words. Then when it’s empty, I’m done.

What I should do is put the stickies my favorite picture so I want to write faster in order to uncover it.

I hate to be so focused on word count, but I can’t think of another way to measure my progress and incentivize myself.

3) Create a writing nook.

A comfortable, inspiring place dedicated to writing my novel. That’s not my bed.

I have a desk, I’ve just never written at it much since completing my thesis. I’ve re-arranged it and ordered two new bookcases for the space too. (Any excuse for a new bookcase!)

I figure if I have a space I like to be in, I’ll want to be in it more and will write more.

4) Redesign my blog page.

It needs it. I haven’t taken the time to explore the options, or how to best reference why the blog started and what it is now.

I’ll also find a place to post these goals. The more public, the more I’ll feel obliged to meet them.

Maybe I’ll even find a way to post that Excel document or my “advent” calendar.

So that’s my plan. If these cockamamie new goals don’t energize me, nothing will!


2 thoughts on “Just an elaborate excuse to buy a bookcase.

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