Peolple have earned the Nobel Prize for less.

I had a brilliant idea this morning.

It all started when I almost scratched out my eyes in the shower. They really itched.

Actually it felt more like the inside of my eyelids were lined sandpaper.

It’s just allergies, but they itched so badly that I had to will myself to stop digging my fists into them. Once you start scratching at your eyes, it feels so good that it’s hard to stop.

Between all that eye rubbing and the hot water, my eye were bright red and puffy when I looked in the mirror. There were no whites. Just blue and red.

My allergies actually have gotten better over the years. As a teenager and in my early twenties I would have days were I could barely see because my eyes were swollen and tears were streaming down my face.

And I’d sneeze. I felt like I was sneezing almost nonstop.

I was a big gooey, teary, snotty mess and would usually have to go back to bed.

Now I just have an occasional headache. And itchy eyes every so often. Like today.

What’s all this got to do with my brilliant idea?

Well, all that itchy misery went away the moment I put in my contacts.

The relief really was instantaneous, like a calming, cool plastic barrier between my eye and that sandpaper eyelid.

Within minutes, the red went away and I had no desire to rub my eyes at all.

So I’m going to market non-prescription contact lenses for people with allergy eyes.

I can’t believe no one has ever thought of it before. It’s a miracle cure. Although I guess miracle treatment is more accurate since I’m not really curing the itchy eyes.

And for those whiny people who say they don’t want to stick their finger in their eyes, that’s a small price to pay to rid of the sandpaper feeling. Trust me.

I’ll be sure to let you all know when I make my first million from my allergy barrier contacts. You can say you knew me when.


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