Just a t-shirt, a milkshake and some daisies.

Today three different people helped me realize just how little it takes to make me happy.

The day started with a box coming in the mail. It was full of concert t-shirts sent by the tour manager of the last show that came to our performing arts center. He sent enough for the entire staff.

I’ll probably never wear the t-shirt, but it was very thoughtful of him to thank us for our efforts in that way.

Then, when the part-time box office associate arrived in the afternoon, she brought me a chocolate milkshake. Probably the best chocolate shake I’ve ever had.

She wasn’t buttering me up or want something in return. She brought it because it was Friday.

A bit later I had a meeting with a board member and he gave me a small bouquet of flowers, because I’ve been “working hard.”

They were my favorites too, daisies.

All these things happening on the same day was a wonderful coincidence, but any one of them alone still would have put a smile on my face.

None of these people spent a lot of money. They just thought of me and their random acts of kindness made me feel special.

I told you it doesn’t take much to make me happy.


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