That’s why I get the big bucks

Robert Cray is performing tonight and I love the blues. So why am I not in enjoying the show? Because I’m sitting at the merchandise table so the volunteers can be in the theater.

The way I figure it, the boss is supposed to do things like that.

The previous executive director was not of the same mind. He’d always be wandering around aimlessly while everyone else did all the work.

Once the board and staff spent six hours preparing for a special event only to have him arrive and announce it was cancelled because of the weather.

He didn’t help pick up, either.

My leadership style is at the extreme other end of the spectrum.

I don’t ask anyone to do something I wouldn’t do myself. I lead by example, encouraging everyone to jump in and do their part.

Sometimes I do wonder at the wisdom of this philosophy, though. Do people see me as a leader or just another worker bee? Do they start to expect that I will always be there to do their work if they don’t feel like it? Rely on me covering their butts?

Even if they do, I can’t imagine being any other type of boss. My conscious wouldn’t allow me to work less hard than the rest of the staff and make more money.

Or leave volunteers in the lobby while I attend the concert.

Besides, I can hear everything from here.


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