Potato Chip Roulette

Most of the time I bring my lunch to work with me, but once every other week (ok, maybe once every week) I either don’t have anything portable in the house or just don’t feel like packing a lunch in the morning and I buy something to eat.

Although I have several choices for takeout within walking distance of the performing arts center, I usually end up getting a grinder from the local pizza place.

I don’t go there because they make the best subs. They’re ok but nothing special. I get lunch there so often because it’s the only restaurant where I can play potato chip roulette.

With every sandwich, you get a dill pickle spear and a little bag of potato chips. And for some reason, they have two brands of chips: Lay’s and Utz.

I prefer the Utz. They are less salty and more potato-y than the Lay’s. And I find Lay’s chips too greasy for my taste.

You never know which brand you’re going to get. (I used to think you got Lays if you ate at the restaurant and Utz if you got your sandwich to go, but that’s not the case.)

Each time I get lunch from this place, I wait until I’m back to the office to see whether or not I received Utz or Lay’s that day.

This accomplishes two things:

First, if I got Utz chips, I take that as a sign that things will go my way the rest of the day.

There will be no leaking roofs, box office failures, canceled concerts, angry donors or any of the other emergencies that pop up and create havoc in my life.

If there is a bag of Lay’s nestled in the box next to my grinder, I brace myself for potential disaster in the next few hours.

Second, potato chip roulette gives me the false impression that I live a wild life.

I would never play real Russian roulette, or anything as remotely dangerous as that.

I’m a safe person. And I’m usually quite uncomfortable when I’m not in complete control of a situation.

I’ve never even played the casino version of roulette

But I can play it a little loose and fast when it comes to chips. I’m cool like that.

Since I really do like Utz better, I suppose I could request them. There’s nothing to stop me from pulling out the Lay’s when I pick up my lunch and asking them to exchange for the other brand.

But I like living on the edge, being a chip rebel.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even buy a motorcycle.

3 thoughts on “Potato Chip Roulette

  1. I think you should live on the edge with something else… there is nothing like a great potato chip! Tell them to surprise you with the sub, not the chip. 🙂

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