The official paper plate of extroversion.

Since reading Susan Cain’s Quiet, I have been overly sensitive to prejudice against introverts. Once she pointed out that society idealized extroverts, I see examples proving her right everywhere.

And because I’m looking for it, I know that some of the time I’m probably perceiving ‘extrocentricity’ in places where it doesn’t really exist.

But I don’t think this is one of those times.

Extrovert Magazine Ad

Always is a pretty strong word. Isn’t it at all possible that, at some point in time, a private chuckle would be better than a group guffaw?

I can think of several instances where this would be the case.

For example, if I were out with a group of friends and spilled hot coffee all over myself, they might think it was wildly funny and all laugh about it.

But I would be stained, covered in hot coffee and possibly burned.

I would much rather be at home alone giggling over a Carl Hiaasen novel instead of with a crowd and covered in coffee.

Or say I was out with a group of friends and someone told an inappropriate racial or sexist joke that everyone else thought was hilarious but I found offensive.

That would be an extremely uncomfortable situation and I’d be questioning my taste in friends.

I would certainly prefer to be alone, cracking up at a Mike and Tom Eat Snacks podcast instead of wondering why I was friends with a bunch of racists and/or sexists.

No, I have to disagree with the obviously extroverted Chinet people. There are definitely times that an “LOL” by myself is better than being with “the gang.”

Guess that means I have to use Dixie paper plates.


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