Am I now hookless?

I’ve been wondering, should I rename this blog now that I am no longer forcing the word count every night?

It’s not really a one thousand words project anymore now that I’ve completed a year of writing.

But I’m rather sentimental about the name. And it does explain this history of how this blog began.

Plus, I don’t have any idea what I would call it if I were to change the name.

I just spent some time looking at other Word Press blogs and the names seem to either suggest the blogs theme (running, travel, movies, cooking) or be a clever play on the author’s name.

Clow doesn’t exactly inspire any witty word play and I don’t write about anything in particular. One thousand words was my hook.

Oh no! Have I just eliminated my hook? Will my tens of loyal followers stop reading now that the blog is hookless? Do I need to think of a new hook?

Any advice more experienced bloggers can offer would be greatly appreciated!

And for now, I’m sticking with one thousand words project. I figure an old hook catches more fish than no hook at all.


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