One Thousand Words on Doctors, Presidents, Lawyers and Cads

I am in the throes of another rampant crush.

This happens to me from time to time. Like a teenager, I become enthralled with an actor, musician or author and start watching, listening or reading everything he has created.

My recent crush is Hugh Laurie, of the TV show House.

I’ve watched House for several seasons, although not from the very beginning, and really enjoy it.

It’s a little formulaic, and I would never, ever want Dr. House as a doctor even if I was dying because he makes the patients go through too much pain before actually diagnosing them, but the character is so interesting.

Plus it’s cool that you can’t tell his British. I always thought it would be hard to do an American accent while working with someone with an Australian accent. But Hugh Laurie never slips, or if he does they edit it out.

Then he came out with a roadhouse blues album. I listened to it on Spotify and, while I wasn’t taken with it the album at first, I kept going back to it. Now I absolutely love it.

He’s got a kind of distinct voice, gravely and little speak-y, but it works so well for the songs he’s singing.

And to top it all off, Hugh Laurie is an author – the trifecta of crushes! Ok, so I haven’t read his book yet, but I’m sure it’s great. He does everything else well, so why not writing.

The description makes it sounds like a British version of Carl Hiaasen. What could be better than a British Carl Hiaasen?

Hugh Laurie is actually quite young for one of my crushes. Most of them are on older men.

While other women find Zac Efron and that werewolf guy from Twilight good looking. I like Hugh Laurie and Martin Sheen.

I’m not kidding about Martin Sheen. I’ve had a crush on him since West Wing.

It’s probably the power thing, playing the president of the United States and all.

There was a study released a year or so ago about how men in power tend to cheat more, largely because power equals confidence. “…power leads to this disinhibited sense that you can get what you want and should take risks to get it.”

I think that women are attracted to power and confidence too, which gives the men more opportunity to cheat

Why else would I develop a crush on an actor, albeit a perfectly nice and talented actor, who isn’t particularly good looking and is thirty years my senior? It’s got to be because he’s President Bartlet.

(Embarrassing Confession: I once caught myself thinking during a national crisis, “I wish President Bartlet was still in office.” Like he had actually been in office.)

I especially love how Martin Sheen puts on his coat.

In case you haven’t seen it, he does is elaborate, yet effortless, maneuver where the jacket goes over around his head and his arms pinwheel up and back.

He does it in his movies, like Badlands and Wall Street, as well as on West Wing.

According to IMDB, “He can only put his jacket on by flipping it over his head (like Bartlet in “The West Wing”). His left arm was crushed by forceps when he was born and he has limited lateral movement.”

I don’t care why. It’s just strangely sexy.

My crush on Martin Sheen might have to do with the gray hair too because I also have a thing for John Slatterly, who plays Roger Sterling on Mad Men and his character is an utter jerk.

If he was a real person, I know I’d hate him. He’s rude, a drunk, a racist, treats women badly.

But he’s so darn good looking and charming. And since he’s a fictional character, I can over look his flaws.

Plus he wears hats.

If men knew how sexy women found hats, real hats not baseball caps or winter hats, they’d wear them all the time.

Especially fedoras.

I went through a spell of watching a lot of film noir when I was directing a production of City of Angels. Other than the lighting, the best thing about those movies is that the men all wore cool hats.

Sometimes it’s an older actor’s voice that gets me crushing on him.

Take Sam Waterston. I just love that guy. He’s certainly not traditionally good looking, but I could listen to him talk all day.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Law and Order fan. I liked regular old Law and Order best because I’d get to hear Sam Waterston make a closing argument. He was always so passionate.

My mother doesn’t share my tastes when it comes to crushes. Sam Waterston and John Slatterly do nothing for her.

She says she’d take Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt any day. Or Ricky Martin.

She thinks Justin Bieber is adorable while I find him just plain annoying.

And it’s funny because when we go out shopping, young men tend to talk to her while the older men chat with me.

One of my favorite Mom quotes came during a trip to the grocery store. We split up to save time and I waited a long time for her to meet back up with me at the checkout.

When I asked where she had been she said, “I just met the nicest young man in the cracker aisle.”

Nice young men never talk to me in the cracker aisle. I’m more likely to get winked at by the grandpa at the deli counter.

I’m sure it has something to do with our ages. My mother reminds young men of their mothers while I make the old guys think of their daughters.

If I asked a psychologist, they’d probably say that my thing for older guys is because I have father issues. I develop crushes on father figures because I didn’t have a real relationship with my own.

Maybe they’d be right. But Martin Sheen is still sexy.


6 thoughts on “One Thousand Words on Doctors, Presidents, Lawyers and Cads

  1. I never thought I had a crush on Martin Sheen, but your article made me wonder. His civil disobedience “talks” to me.

    Did you see the “Who Do You Think You Are” about Martin Sheen. (That’s the NBC, Friday night show where genealogy is traced.)

  2. It’s not exactly the same thing, but to me there are certain men that are sexier as they get older — Jon Bon Jovi, Sting, and Harry Connick Jr come to mind.

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