One Thousand Words on the Easiest Topic I Could Think Of

I have plenty to write about, I’m struggling for the right topic tonight.

It has to be something mindless, something that doesn’t require any thought on my part whatsoever because I’m sleepy. I’m not very good at focusing when I’m sleepy.

How about television?

I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy tv. I’m not entirely undiscriminating. I don’t watch reality tv, except when I get sucked into that stupid design star show and that’s only because I like to think about what I would do in the challenges. But I’ll watch almost anything else, at least once.

Tonight I’m going to tell you about my all time favorite television shows, in no particular order. I’m hoping I can write a quick one thousand words and not embarrass myself by revealing my poor taste in entertainment.


I loved Friends from the very first episode. Before that, actually because I remember seeing the ads for it before it aired and deciding that I wanted to watch it.

I liked that the show was about my generation. I also enjoyed the close relationships the characters shared. And it made me laugh.

Even though it’s been off the air for a long time now, I find myself referencing episodes, usually just internally so people won’t think I’m crazy.

Every time I use the thesaurus, for instance, I think of the episode where Joey used it to change every work in a letter.

Or sometimes I sing Phoebe’s “Smelly Cat” to my cats.

On Thanksgiving weekend last year, I watched all ten Thanksgiving episodes. And yes, that’s me admitting that I own all ten seasons of Friends on DVD. They were a gift!

I think it would be hard to be an actor in a show like Friends. People become attached and identify you with that character for the rest of your career, no matter what else you do or how well you act.

Matthew Perry was in another (short lived) show recently that I enjoyed, but I still thought of him as Chandler.

Maybe that’s the price you have to pay for ten years of a steady acting gig.

The L Word

I watched this show entirely on DVD. The best part about DVD tv is that you can watch episode after episode.

That’s what I did with The L Word. I’d get the disc on Netflix and just sit down and watch them all.

It’s an addictive show.

That’s probably because it was really just a soap opera. A little different from General Hospital because of all the lesbian characters, but still a soap opera.

And the acting was better than the afternoon soaps.

I was just going to write about my favorite character from the show, but I can’t remember her name. I could look it up, but I don’t want to take the time. If you didn’t believe I was sleepy before, this bit of laziness should convince you.

Anyway, my favorite character was the one with the boy’s name. I keep thinking it was Jesse, but that’s not right because it wasn’t one of those unisex names.

I liked whats-her-name because she was tough and didn’t take crap from anybody. I’ve always wanted to be tough, but that’s just not me. And I don’t think that’s something you can fake.

Flight of the Conchords

This is the funniest show in television history. Forget Seinfeld (which I never found that funny), Saturday Night Live (which is really only funny while you’re in college) and The Simpsons (which I have never actually seen). Flight of the Conchords is funnier.

You probably have to have a certain sense of humor, though. It’s a little… dry? Off the wall? I never know how to explain the things that make me laugh.

I’d say it’s situational, but I don’t mean sitcoms. It’s more like strange or odd situations.

The show is about two men from New Zealand living in the US and trying to make a living as a singing duo. They have a manager who works for the New Zealand consulate and gets them strange gigs with no audiences.

They have one crazy fan that stalks them and is kind of in love with both of them, even though she’s married.

And they perform their music during the show too, sometimes in these absurd music videos.

That is a very poor description of the show, but trust me it is great.

I actually own this one on DVD too, another gift. But it was only two seasons long so it doesn’t take up as much space as Friends.


I never thought I’d enjoy a show about a serial killer as much as I do Dexter.

I started watching it because I liked Six Feet Under and Michael C. Hall was in that show.

I wasn’t sure I was going to continue after the first episode because it was so bloody, almost gratuitously bloody. I think they were trying to make some sort of point. Or get all the blood out of the way early on.

But I tried another episode and became hooked.

Part of me is fascinated by the fact that people like the serial killer character. How good must a show be that you’re rooting for the guy that murders people?

The West Wing

It took me a long time to get into The West Wing. For a whole season I was confused about who was who. I didn’t understand the jobs and they talked really fast.

But now I think it may be my #1 favorite. And no, I don’t own the DVDs.

It’s the only show that I actually miss. Once in a while I find myself thinking, “I wish The West Wing was still on tv.”

And, I’m embarrassed to admit, I often find myself wishing that President Bartlett was the real president.

There! I did it. I wrote one thousand words while extremely sleepy. I’m not sure they’re worth reading, but they’re written.

Good night!


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