One Thousands Words on My Vacation To Do List

My vacation is half over, but since I have seven whole days left I’m choosing to not be depressed by hitting the halfway mark. Instead I thought I’d concentrate on my vacation to do list.

1. Install Spotify on my mother’s computer.

My mother has very eclectic musical tastes. Her favorites include Elvis, Billy Ray Cyrus and Josh Groban, but she owns a Will Smith cd, loves the Dan Band (especially all the swearing) and enjoys Cusco, a Native American new age band.

She recently heard Justin Bieber singing that Under the Mistletoe” song on tv and told me she thought she’d like to get the cd.

I just never know what I’ll find her listening to when I come home at night, the classical music station or a Willie Nelson cd. It’s pretty cool.

Because of her wide ranging preferences, I think Spotify will be great for her. That way she can sample all the music she wants and I won’t have to break down and buy her a Justin Bieber cd.

Mom’s also recently started listening to radio station online in order to get a mix of music, but she gets frustrated by the search feature on the site she’s been using. I think the Spotify stations are much easier to navigate.

2. Research how to actually develop an actual plot in my Might Possibly Become a Novel (MPBAN).

As I have written over and over again, I’m really enjoying writing scenes about the small group of character that surround the Fiery Embrace of Christ’s Love Ministry. I even love the name of the church.

But the more scenes I write, the more I wonder where all this is going.

Having a bunch of scenes and no plot makes me feel adrift. I’m having trouble writing scenes now when I’m not sure that they are going to do anything to move the story along, or even what the story is.

It’s time for me to get some sort of an idea of what’s going to happen to Daniel and Sebastian. So I want to take some time to research how to develop a plot. I think maybe they call it a story arc or something like that. The beginning, middle and end.

Luckily there are hundreds of writing websites for me to look at, as long as I can figure out which ones are the good ones and which ones aren’t particularly helpful. And if all else fails, I can order a book.

But I’m hoping that by the end of vacation, I’ll feel a bit more in control of the story, or at least how to guide it into a more recognizable plot.

3. Organize my iPhone.

Like everyone with an iPhone, mine has quickly become the one thing I can’t live without. It’s my phone, my calendar, my internet, my music player.

But lately my phone has become something of a mess. Apps here, there and everywhere. And I’m not even sure that I have everything I use regularly on the first page.

I’m an organized person. For instance, my computer has hundreds of folders. If you wanted to find a contract for a show we had in 2010, you’d have to go to the 2009/2010 folder, then the folder of shows we promote in-house, and then the folder with the date and name of the show.

There are a lot of folders, but I know where to find most everything. And if I don’t, I at least know what folder to search.

So given this tendency to file everything in a folder, it’s driving me nuts that my iPhone isn’t organized.

I plan to spend a happy hour or two re-sorting everything on my iPhone, putting all the tennis apps in a folder, and all the recipe apps in another. And I just upgraded from a free shopping list app to the “pro” version, but it didn’t import anything from the old one. So I’m going to retype my lists.

And, if I’m feeling really ambitious, my address book is screwed up with all the last names listed under first names and vice versa. (No, it’s not just the setting. They are in there backwards.) I’m not sure I’m up to retyping all those, though.

4. Write a couple New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m not especially fond of New Year’s Eve as a holiday. Like my birthday, it tends to depress me. I guess while everyone is looking at it as a new start, I’m more nervous about what the new year might bring. What if last year is as good as it gets? What if something really bad happens next year? Or, at the very least, what if the new year doesn’t live up to expectations and isn’t really a fresh start?

I generally don’t write New Year’s Resolutions. I had one this year and that was to read 52 books. I’m reading my 55th right now. I’m feeling pretty good about reaching that goal, so maybe I’ll branch out this year and tackle a couple more resolutions.

I’m not sure what they’ll be yet, but I’m going to try to avoid the typical ones or things I know I can’t achieve. I know there will be a new book goal, and this writing goal of course, but we’ll see after that.

5. Decide whether or not to try bangs.

Don’t laugh. It’s a big decision.

My hairdresser casually mentioned that she thought I’d look good with a “heavy bang” and as I thought about it, I realized that I don’t think I’ve ever had bangs. I haven’t’ checked my old school pictures, but I don’t remember having them at any point, and neither does my mother.

I’m bored with my hair and thinking that maybe I’ll give bangs a shot. I’m not one of those people who’s attached her hair, like the annoying women on make-over shows that won’t let the stylist cut off more than an inch.

So why not try bangs. They’ll grow out eventually.


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