One Thousand Words on Am I The Only One?

I’m not vain enough to think that I’m unique. I know that nothing I think, say or write is completely original. But sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who does or thinks something.

For example, I have a favorite tooth. It’s one of my own. I think it’s called an eye tooth, the long pointy one that’s comes just before the molars. I like it because it feels like it’s at a funny angle when I touch it with my tongue.

I know it sounds kind of crazy to have a favorite tooth, so I wonder if other people have one too.

Here are some more…

1) Am I the only one who thinks car headlights look friendly or mean when I see them in my rear view mirror?

Check it out the next time you’re driving at night. Some headlights are decidedly menacing looking. It has to do with the angle.

If I’m being followed by a car with evil headlights, I get nervous and try to lose them. I assume that someone who is driving a car with mean headlights must be mean too and I want to get away from them.

But when I buy a car, I never look to see what the headlight look like. For all I know I could be driving a car with evil headlights and not even realize it.

2) Am I the only one who becomes hyper aware of how something feels or sounds and can’t get it out of my mind?

For instance, sometimes I starting thinking about how a pair of shoes feels on my feet and suddenly that’s all I can think about. Even though I’ve owned the shoes for years and they fit perfectly.

Or a noise. We have a kitchen clock that ticks. Because our townhouse is open concept, I can hear the clock upstairs. Normally it doesn’t bother me at all, but once in a while I notice it and it drives me crazy. I obsess over the ticking.

The same thing happens with the noise the swings in the park outside my office window make. When I become aware of the squeaking, it becomes so distracting that I have to turn on music to drown it out.

3) Am I the only one who doesn’t have a favorite color?

I didn’t realize this until the other day when someone in my office asked me what my favorite color was. I couldn’t answer.

I used to have a favorite color. First it was pink, then purple and then green. But now I just don’t have one.

I have a lot of red, especially electronic things. Red iPhone case, red computer, red mouse. But I wouldn’t say red is my favorite color.

It’s not that I have a thing against favorites. I have a favorite number (8), a favorite swear (balls), a favorite flower (daisy). But I can’t pick just one color.

4) Am I the only one who has certain words that I can’t spell, no matter how many times I look them up?

Spelling has never been one of my strengths and when I was in elementary school, I lost a spelling bee on the word refrigerator. I think I put a “d” in it… refidgerator. It actually makes sense because it’s a fridge, not a frige.

After my tragic loss, you’d think I would have made it a point to remember how to spell it. But I don’t. I have to think about it every time. I can’t type it without stopping and very consciously spelling it.

I have the same trouble with the word definitely. I didn’t lose a spelling bee on the one, but I spell it definately every single time. I misspell it so often that I have it in my auto-correct.

5) Am I the only one who thinks commercials that suggest buying someone a car as a Christmas gift should be outlawed?

I like the holidays. I’m not a Grinch. But I think these commercials can make people feel inadequate.

The ads are already full of trees piled high with presents and smiling families sipping eggnog in front of a fireplace while snow drifts gently down outside the window.

No one can live up to that. But we kill ourselves trying, trying to make the perfect Christmas. And on top of that, the car dealers are saying that we should buy our loved ones a car and put a giant red bow on it?

Very few people can actually afford to do that. And even if you could, isn’t that sort of like surprising someone with a puppy? They have to live with it and should make the decision to purchase it, not have it thrust upon them.

6) Am I the only one who checks to make sure the pilot light is on in the hot water heater almost every day?

There are two reasons for this little bit of OCD-ism:

The room with the hot water heater is located right next to my bathroom and I can usually hear it turn on. If it were in the basement where I didn’t have such easy access, I wouldn’t check it so compulsively.

And we’ve always had trouble with our hot water heater. We had to have it replace right after we bought the townhouse and the pilot light has gone out several times since then.

And I usually can’t restart it. I have to call the fuel company, which means I have to hide my guitar.

That sounds like a non sequitur but it isn’t. The service guy walks through my bedroom to get to the water heater and if he sees my guitar he has to tell me all about the band he plays in. Again.

So I worry about it going out and check it every day.

7) Am I the only one crazy enough to list all my quirks and neurosis out for the world to read and decide that I’m a lunatic?


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