One Thousand Words on Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

I’m addicted to a new podcast.

Well, addicted might not be the right word exactly because I’ve only listened to one episode. But I predict that I will become addicted because I can’t wait to hear the remaining thirty-nine.

It’s called Mike and Tom Eat Snacks. I’d link to it but I’m not smart enough to link to iTunes. Oh wait, they have a website:

So basically, it’s Tom Cavanaugh and Michael Ian Black talking about a snack food for half hour. It may not sound particularly funny, but it is. Trust me.

I’m probably not cool enough to be a proper fan of this podcast. I didn’t find it because I’m familiar with Michael Ian Black’s stand up or Michael and Michael Have Issues. I’m not even cool enough to have watched Tom Cavanaugh on Scrubs.

No, I started following Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanaugh on Twitter because I loved the TV show Ed.

Do you remember Ed? Tom Cavanaugh played a guy who moved back to his hometown and set up a law office in a bowling alley. The character spent four or five years trying to win back his high school sweetheart, played by Julie Bowen from Modern Family. Michael Ian Black played a guy who worked in the bowling alley.

The show was a little silly, and a little sappy, but the characters were great. They were real and quirky.

So thanks to Ed and thanks to Twitter, I found Mike and Tom Eat Snacks today.

Stop and think for a moment how truly funny two people have to be to be able to talk about Cheetos for thirty minutes and make people laugh.

I was listening while signing 200 letters asking for donations. That’s a boring job and I was laughing. That’s how funny these guys are.

I know that if I sat down with any one of my friends to talk about a snack food, it would not be humorous.

Granted, Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanaugh got off topic once in a while. The section about naming the Maritime Provinces was particularly amusing. But it was all still based on the Cheetos premise.

And I couldn’t be funny even in a snack food inspired conversation.

I thought of two things to write about tonight when I was listening to the podcast.

First is a list of snack foods that I think would good subjects for future podcasts. I’m not going to try to make them funny here. I’ll leave that to the experts. I’ll just explain the reasons that I think these particular snacks would make comical podcasts.

Potato Sticks. I’m sure these could be made hilarious for two reasons: They are one of the messiest snacks on the planet (I dare you to eat them without spilling, especially if you’re in a car.) and they come in their own little can with that plastic tab you have to pull off. Even the packaging is amusing.

String Cheese. This one is a no brainer. It’s cheese that tastes better if you play with it. Have you ever bit off a hunk of string cheese? It doesn’t have much taste. But if you string it, it’s actually quite tasty.

Those little packages of crackers and cheese that come with a red plastic spreader. Again, this one is about the packaging. That spreader is iconic. I bet if you showed that thing to one hundred people not from a third world country, they’d all know what it is. Also, you got the fact that the cheese doesn’t have to be refrigerated. What is in that stuff?

Rice cakes. The humor here of course is that rice cakes are practically tasteless. That and the noise your teeth make when you eating them.

Poutine. If you don’t know what poutine is, it’s French fries and cheese curds covered in gravy. There are a lot of variations on the recipe, but that’s the basic one. And no, I’ve never tried it. Poutine is perfect for Mike and Tom Eat Snacks because it’s a Canadian thing and Tom Cavanaugh is Canadian too. Let the multicultural hilarity ensue!

Andy Capp’s Hot Fries. Staying with the French fry theme. I googled Andy Capp’s to see if they still make them (they do) and the distributor’s website calls them “unconventional in form and texture.” You have to wonder who wrote that copy. It’s not exactly glowing.

Of course, any food named after a cartoon character should be discussed in this podcast. And why aren’t more food named after cartoon characters? The only other ones I can think of are Dagwood sandwiches and Fruity Pebbles.

Chex Mix. I’d like to hear this one discussed because it includes salty things like pretzels, and peanuts, which I consider sweet. I’ve think I’d written about my aversion to mixing salty and savory before. But I know that many people enjoy the combination. And I also know that some people don’t consider peanuts sweet. I’d like to hear Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanaugh’s take on that issue.

New York street snacks. They ones you buy on the street, not find on the street. It sounds like they record the podcast in New York, although I suppose they may not even be in the same city. Either way an episode on cart food would be very entertaining.

Oops. I wrote too long about snacks and now have less than one hundred words two write about the other idea the podcast gave me.

Wouldn’t it be entertaining if someone selected to random people (preferably famous people but I suppose it would be ok if only one were famous), made them talk about a random topic like car makes or candle scents for a half hour and then posted the conversation as a podcast?

I’m sure there would be a few duds, and maybe someone is already doing this, but I’d listen.

Enough writing for tonight. I think I’ll listen to another episode of Mike and Tom Eat Snacks.


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