Less Than One Thousand Words on Nothing

I don’t think I can write one thousand words tonight. It’s supposed to be my thirtieth post and it should be something special, but my mind is a complete and utter blank. There’s nothing there at all. It’s probably because I fell asleep for about twenty minutes earlier this evening. I have two topics, one from last night and one from today, but they aren’t sparking a thing. Last night’s was “a secret you failed to keep.” That’s a good topic. There are so many stories that can come out of that one. But I can’t think of any tonight. Today’s topic was “a memorable holiday.” Again, a fine topic. I’ll probably write about both these topics at some point. I’m just brain dead tonight. I don’t think I’m going to torture myself and try to force a thousand words. I’m just going to go to sleep and write something wonderful tomorrow!


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