One Thousand Words on Movies

My official topic tonight was supposed to be “the most boring job I ever had” but I’m not up to tackling that one tonight. I’m not even sure I’ve had a truly boring job. I’m also not sure I’m up to tackling one thousand words at all tonight. But I’m going to give it shot… how about movies. That’s an easy one to write about.

I watched Black Swan tonight. It’s been out on DVD for a while, but I just got around to it. It was good, strange but good. I enjoy movies that leave you wondering what exactly happened and what didn’t. Black Swan certainly accomplished that. It was a little bloody and graphic for my taste, (especially when she began sprouting feathers) but I’m glad I watched it and understand why it got so much buzz.

I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to movies, but I also tend to limit what I’m willing to see. I don’t like anything too violent, nothing where an animal dies or is hurt (I get nervous when an animal even appears in a movie because I always expect something is going to happen like the bunny in Fatal Attraction) and, biggest rule of all, absolutely nothing with jerky cameras. I get really motion sick in movies that are jumpy. I went to see Twister with a colleague when were attending a training session out of town. With all the running around chasing storms, I got really sick and had to leave the theater. I wanted some fresh air, so I stepped outside and got locked out. I had to sit in the car until my colleague came out after the movie. On second thought, why didn’t he wonder where I was? I could have been kidnapped out of the bathroom and he just sat there and watched the rest of the stupid movie. I should have left him there!
I also should have known better than to even attempt Twister because I got sick trying to watch Speed a couple of years before. That time I spent the whole movie with my eyes closed and my head against the wall. The first sign that I’m getting motion sick is that I get really hot. I remember I had a bought a soda and I held it up against my forehead trying to cool down, willing myself to not puke.

The worst by far though was The Blair Witch Project. I think it was the combination of the hand held camera and pure terror. I had a coffee “coolata” from Dunkin’ Donuts right before the movie and it was years before I would even try one again. I loved that movie though, even though I was sick. Other people tell me that it wasn’t that scary, but I was terrified. I think it helped that the girl character’s name was Heather and they kept yelling it. It scared the bejeesus out of me.

I do enjoy good scary movies, the super suspenseful ones, not the bloody ax murderer ones. You have to watch them with the right people though. My friend Nan is a good scary movie partner. She gets as scared as I do and we feed off each other’s fear. She’s the person I saw The Blair Witch Project with and we sometimes still laugh about how scared we got that night. My mother is not a good scary movie partner. She’s too practical. She’ll call the movie out if it’s not realistic. I’m hiding my face in my pillow and she’s saying “that couldn’t happen!” And even if it could realistically happen, she’s not scared. We saw The Strangers not too long ago and it was really freaky. (I immediately called Nan and said, “do not rent that movie!”) Everything in it could happen in real life. But you would have thought my mother was watching The Sound of Music, except for her scoffing at my terror!

I wonder what it is about a movie that attracts some people and not others. Do you favorite movies say something about your personality or life? I wish there was a movie reader. You could say, “My favorite movies are Waiting for Guffman, The Princess Bride, Harvey and Little Miss Sunshine” and she would say, “oh yes, you are a very creative person who likes rabbits” or something like that. That would be more interesting to me than having your palm read.

I just read a book that was based on that concept that only about songs. It was called The Song Reader by Lisa Tucker and one of the characters would offer advice based on what songs were stuck in people’s head. It was a novel, but I find that idea fascinating. In fact, a year or so ago I started a log where I kept track of what song was in my head when I woke up in the morning. I didn’t do it for very long, but I did see a pattern start to emerge. It would be at least a day or two after I heard a song that it would be in my head. So if I heard Blondie’s Call Me on Saturday (and I did in a grocery store parking lot yesterday. A woman was standing there, with all her car doors open, blasting Call Me and smoking a cigarette. I thought I had time traveled back to 1980!) I would probably have it stuck in my head on Monday. Maybe it takes me that long to process the song. Or maybe my head is like a juke box and when I hear a song it’s put in the queue and the wait is about two days long. I don’t know. But I do think the idea of the songs in your head being indicative of what is happening in your life very interesting.

Well, I got a little off track there. Sorry for the rambling post. It’s Sunday night and I’m ready for bed!


One thought on “One Thousand Words on Movies

  1. I was just telling someone about our adventure watching Blair Witch Project. My favorite thing about that night was when we moved the bed out of the guest room into the hallway because I was so scared in my room! Black Swan is sitting on my shelf waiting to be watched. I hope to get to it this weekend.

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